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Dr. Debra Petrucci, FAANS
Spine Surgeon

Diplomate of the American Board of Neurological  Surgery
(845) 896-9200
(203) 409-7240
4 Lafayette Court
Fishkill, NY  12524

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Specialized help for Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Treatment of Spinal Injuries

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Procedure Specialist

  • Assistant Professor in the Spine Section of the Yale Department of Neurosurgery 2013-2018

  • Call for Consultation (845)-896-9200

  • Board Certified in Neurosurgery

  • George Washington University School of Medicine

  • First Woman Trained in Neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Using minimally invasive techniques where possible

  • Current in the latest procedures that may benefit her patients and trains other surgeons in procedures.

  • Selected Keynote Speaker for the First Annual Women in Spine Meeting

  • Named Several Times in Westchester WAG's Most Distinguished Doctors

  • Chief of Neurosurgery at White Plains Hospital Center in 2001 - 2007

Welcome to the site for information about Dr. Debra Petrucci and Neurosurgical Issues and Procedures!

Dr. Debra Petrucci is a Board Certified Neurosurgeon specializing in complex spine, brain, and general neurosurgery (extending to peripheral nerve procedures such as for carpal tunnel syndrome).

Dr. Petrucci's goal is to provide you with the best possible care and pleasant and comfortable experience.

Dr. Petrucci attended medical school at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC.

Dr. Petrucci then trained in general surgery and neurosurgery at the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital and is Board Certified in Neurosurgery. 

She trains continually to stay current in the latest procedures that may benefit her patients and takes advantage of Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities offered by the neurosurgical societies.  Dr. Petrucci has trained in the kyphoplasty procedure and acted as an instructor and proctor to other doctors training in the procedure and other general procedures.  She is also trained in X-stop and the Charite Artificial Disk procedure. 

Dr. Petrucci uses minimally invasive techniques where possible for the patient and will discuss with the patient her recommendation for surgery that will best benefit the patient.  Debra Petrucci, MD is very proud to have been named Chief of Neurosurgery at White Plains Hospital Center in 2001 through 2007. 

Dr. Petrucci is providing this website to help patients with spinal issues research their condition.  
Along the side of the page there are links to information regarding spinal conditions and videos of
surgical procedures that may be used to treate those conditions.  We hope that you find this helpful.

 Please email or call to see how Dr. Petrucci can help you. 

You can take an active role in your own care by:

  • Using the resources we provide, including this website.
  • Asking us questions during your office visits.
  • Providing us with a complete medical history.
  • Carefully follow all care instructions.

As part of your visit, Dr. Petrucci will take a history of your symptoms and perform a physical examination. If you already have x-rays, MRIs or other diagnostic images,please bring them with you to your office visit. Other tests and images may be ordered during your visit to confirm a diagnosis.

Once your diagnosis is determined, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet your particular medical needs.

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Dr. Debra Petrucci
Please call for an appointment.                            
(845) 896-9200

Insurance Plans Accepted, Medicare, Workman's Compensation NY, and NY No Fault.
Patients should check with their insurance plan for out of network plan benefits.  Information on billed amounts by surgical code are available on request.


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About: Neck Pain

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